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The true nature of gravitation

Under the first and second version below, one could have seen how the theory and the model had developed over time.
First old version
Second old version

I had guessed the following formula by reading about the weak interaction. Gravitation is a kind of weak interaction (the consequence) and is due to the subsequent reaction of the electron antineutrios with protons. This creates a neutron and a positron - right side.

Proton to neutron

Image 1. The decisive reaction for the understanding of gravitation

Based on the reaction of Figure 1, I was able to derive the following formula no. 1.
This page (Germany) or (Poland) explains the following gravitational formula,
and where I got the numbers from and much more.
The most important thing is that the neutrino's almost all impulse is dedicated to the atomic nucleus.
It is also an inelastic collision!

Gravitational force

Formula no. 1.

The variables are only explained below for gravitation.
F - gravity in [N] (Newtons)
σ - cross section for the reaction from image 1
In - electron antineutrinos energy density or pressure
N 1 - the total number of nucleons in the first body
N 2 - the total number of nucleons in the second body

A = 1 m2
σ= 6.3 10-48 m2
In = 2.921213972 10-17 N/m2
N1 = M1/u
N2 = M2/u
u = 1.6605390666 1027 kg (According to the CODATA table from 2018)
The following theory from Le Sage would fit in very well,
if you replaced the Le Sages "ultramundane bodies" with antineutrinos.
Force pressure model for gravitation
We are in a sea of neutrinos, e.g. should have a temperature of 1.945 ° K in background radiation
and its impulse is completely transmitted in the reaction to matter shown above.
(The temperature corresponds to the energy density (pressure) of approx. 1.08 10 -14 J/m 3 (N/m 2) only for neutrinos, which you can read on the following website.
Cosmic neutrino background

A calculation of energy density of electron antineutrinos that come from Big Bang and have energy greater than 1.8 MeV,
would confirm my model of gravity,
if the calculations gave the value of approx. 3 10 -17 N / m 2 .