Elementary gravitation formula.

One can use the following formula to calculate the gravitational force between atoms of the same element.
Under "World forces formula" - Formula No. 1, click the generalized formula for gravitation and other forces.

Gravity Formula

Formula No. 2

F - force of gravitation in [N] (Newton)

R - distance between the bodies (in the same meaning as in the present

   theories of electromagnetic or gravitational forces) in [m]

Z - number of electrons in an atom of an element (for which we calculate the gravitation)

    the formula (Z + 1) to the account of (+ 1) of the atomic nucleus

I0 - density of electromagnetic radiation in [ J / m3 ]

    (if the calculations of gravitation between two bodies

    affect on the earth, then "I0" the size is close to the Earth.(4,58 10 -6 [N / m2]))

n1 - number of atoms in the first body

n2 - number of atoms in the second body

re - electromagnetic radius of the electron in [m], calculated with the following formula:

electromagnetic electron radius


Coulomb costant

k - Coulomb constant in [V * m / A * s]

ε0 - electric field constant in [F / m]

e - elementary charge (charge of the electron) in [C]

me - mass of the electron in [kg]

c - speed of light in [m / s]