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"Mindless respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."

Albert Einstein*

Sometimes it is possible to use multiple formulas to describe a particular process studied by physicists.
Accepting one of them and rejecting the other impoverishes physics and leads to a single interpretation of reality,
thus making it impossible to know the truth about the universe.

In this work I presented another formula (s) for gravity that might suggest
that it has something to do with the presence of neutrinos in the universe.

From this new formula, which gives the same solution as from Newton's formula, it follows that the gravitational constant depends both
on the energy density of the neutrinos and on the cross-section for the reaction of the neutrinos with matter. -
(thus on the probability of this interaction of neutrinos with matter)

The following reaction is in my work (about gravity, about nuclear power plants, about processes that take place in stars)
has become very important, where an electron antineutrino reacts with a proton and a neutron and the antielectron (positron) are formed.

Proton turns into Neutron

The crucial reaction to understanding gravity, the basis of processes in stars and radiation in nuclear power plants and their surroundings

*([19, The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Princeton 1987 ff., Bd. 1, 310])