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This is a new version of the introduction to Mein_Universum, which I had completely rewritten in view of new knowledge.
A discussion in a small group of those who are still thinking is often very helpful
and often it's just a few doubts or confirmations,
that you try to explain or improve.
It is going very slowly, without this change of mostly doubts,
if you only want to develop something in a dialogue with yourself.
I thank Dr. Steffen Kühn, with his Quantinos model back to Weber electrodynamics
after over a century and a half.
It might be worth exploring his point of view on the following website,Quantino-Theory.
(The doubt about Maxwell's equations or the sending of up to 2000 bits / s with 3c up to 100 m distance
and also on copper wire with the technology of the near field).
Mr. Dieter Grosch had also contributed a lot with his theory of the movement of matter in the universe.
I would be without studying Dieter Grosch's website  Dieter Grosch
never came up with the following idea that the ionization energy of electron (e = 1.602E-19 C) in the hydrogen atom only
is dependent on the mass of the electron me (9.11E-31 kg) and two speeds
namely the speed of light c (299792458 m/s) and the first cosmic speed for earth v1 (7912 m / s)
and can be calculated with the following formula:
                         E = me c  v1  (E/e = 13.5 eV )
This formula has a huge impact not only on the model of my universe but also on the idea
that electromagnetic forces and gravity are inseparable if one also takes movement into account.
My universe must move as a whole at the speed of light c in space,
because an electron already has the momentum at least in the hydrogen atom "me c".
It may be that an idea of an infinitely large space in which local universes are located and move with c,
for many of us it would not be so absurd to read the book "Tyranny of the Butterfly".
In the book "Tyranny of the Butterfly", Mr. Schätzing has a similar idea
expressed about an infinitely large universe.
Objects like our local universe would be in this room and there would be an infinite number of them.
The model of electromagnetic interactions doesn't have to describe a reality,
although his formulas can explain many facts very well.
But there are some exceptions that give wrong results,
although they are based on well known and established equations.
Today I'm sure it's possible to develop a new theory of electromagnetic interactions
that would be associated with gravity.
Given that we are moving at the speed of light as a whole local universe,
I had to ask a question what mass actually means.
There is no rest mass. Mass is also not a constant quantity.
It depends on both total energy and energy density from the environment around the mass.
So there is more mass in stars and star systems (than was calculated),
the greater the energy density of radiation a star has on its surface.
This is the dark mass we are looking for, which is suspected by some in existing visible objects in the galaxy.
One could also find the Dark Energy by agreeing on the following interpretation of Hubble's constant.
The value of this constant depends not only on the differences in speeds of two objects, but also on the density of matter,
which is between the two objects. The greater the density of matter, the greater the constant.
The Hubble constant has been found to grow over time.
Supposedly, that should mean that our universe is expanding faster.
But it could be that the density of matter in the universe is growing and therefore the Hubble constant is slowly increasing,
which means that our universe is in the compression phase.
This would make a cyclical universe possible.
I assume that the model of electromagnetic forces does not correspond to the reality in our universe,
because the following multiplication, which occurs in the formula for Coulomb force for two elementary charges,
by multiplying Planck's constant h (6.626E-34 Js - as an elementary angular momentum) by the second cosmic speed for our solar system
to replace the Galaxy Center v2 (348 km/s).
There are:

k e2 = v2 h

k e2 = 2.3E-28 Nm2
v2 h = 2.3E-28 Nm2